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            Ooops!!!! I kinda liked reading…. Most of us are aware about Greek/Roman myths, and I was pretty much outspoken on how I love “Ramayana” in the most childish way. And it wasn’t even from our country.

            I’ve been having numerous favorite articles around my sites, but most of them are foreign articles so here are some of our local writings that I got from the books I have at home.


In my childhood years, I was so amazed by the stories that I read.

In my schooling years, I never appreciated “reading” the way I do today.

I bought books because they served as reference for my subjects’ way back in high school and college days.

So glad that I still have some of those literature books.


Plagiarism is a crime…

Sharing is a virtue…


Sue me if you want but I’ll go for the latter.

I used to go looking out for reference around the net during my college days… but sadly most of the subjects in my curriculum are printed.



Oral Tradition


Folklore comprises a rich treasure of ideas, ideals, beliefs and sentiments transmitted from generation to another by word of mouth. Folklore literally means “lore” or knowledge of the “folk” or people. In original form, it referred chiefly to oral knowledge preserved among the illiterate masses elsewhere or the oral literature of all people whether they are written knowledge or not.

            The early Filipinos had both oral and written literature. Fortunately, their oral literature has been preserved through centuries as priceless heritage of the Filipino people. This ethnic literature may be classified into three groups: folk narratives, folk speech and folk songs.




            MYTHS are prose narratives explaining how the world and people came to be in their form. According to William Bascom (1965), myths in the society in which they are told, are considered to be truthful accounts of what happened in the remote past. They are taught to be believed; and can be cited as authority in answer to ignorance and doubt. They are often associated with beings, their love affairs, their family relationships, their friendships, enmities, their victories and defeats…

            Myths were the first tools man used to define his world, explain his feelings, and make his judgments. It was through myth that our ancestors explain the environment, long before the scientific knowledge and knowledge and explanation of natural phenomena.

            Known as alamat in Tagalog, myths like legends explain the origin of things.



            The problem of explaining the origin of the surrounding world has always been the object of interest of prehistoric Filipinos. They present certain theories and phenomena to explain the creation of the world, of people, of land and water, features, of plants and animals.

            Loarca (1582) presented a myth about the creation of the first man and woman in the archipelago. Here it goes.



The First Man and Woman



But what is a woman? Only one of nature’s agreeable blunders.

Hannah Cowley


            The god Captan planted a reed. When the reed grew, it broke into two sections. The first section became the first man. The other became the first woman. The man was called Sicalac and the woman was named Sicavay.

            One day Sicalac wanted to marry Sicavay, for there were no other people in the world. She refused and said, “We are brother and sister. We came from the same reed, with only one knot between us.”




            Because Sicalac and Sicavay were created by the supreme god, Captan, they were given immortal lives. They had children, and their children had their own children.


            Pandaguan who was fond of fishing invented the first fishing net. The first time he used it, he caught a shark and brought it ashore, thinking it would not die. But the shark died and Pandaguan mourned and wept aloud.


            Captan heard Pandaguan’s cries and sent flies and the weevil to see who the dead one was. When he learned about the shark’s death, he was very angry and killed Pandaguan with a thunderbolt. Pandaguan remained in the infernal regions for thirty days, after which Captan took pity upon him and returned him back to the world.


            Now it so happened that while Pandaguan was dead, Lubluban, his wife, lived with a man named Maracoyrun; and this, people said was the first case of concubinage or adultery on earth.

            When Pandaguan returned, he did not find his wife at home. He invited some friends and they feasted on a stolen pig. This was the first case of theft in the world.

            After the celebration, Pandaguan began to look for his wife. He sent his son, Anoranor to bring her home. But Lubluban refused to go home, believing that the dead could not possibly return to the world.

            Pandaguan was angry. In his jealousy, he decided to go back to the infernal regions. Since then all those who dies cannot return to life.


---Philippine Literature, A Regional Approach

Delia C. Enriquez




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